Camps Attended in 2014-15

August 2014 

  • The IIS University cadets attended Blood Donation Camp at 1 Raj Air Sqn. Ncc. unit, Jaipur on 27 August 2014.
  • The IIS University Shooters attended the Shooting Camp at Bharatpur & got selected for State level held on 2-12 August 2015.

    1.       Barkha Chouhan

    2.          Anjali Sahrawat. 

September 2014

  • 8 The IIS University cadet attended Integrated Group Selection Camp (IGS) held at Churu from 28 Sept -10 Oct 2014. 
  • The IIS University cadet Diksha Kulheri(B.SC Sem: IV) attended Pre-Vayu Sanik Camp from 17-27 September 2014 & got silver medal for flying activity.

October 2014

  • The IIS University cadet Barkha Chouhan (B.Com Sem IV) attended Pre Mavlankar Coaching Camp at Vadodara from 24 Sept. to 3 Oct 2014.
    She received 2 Silver (10Mt. air rifle) & 1 Bronze (50Mt. 22 peep sight) at 24th All India G.V. Mavlankar d Shooting Championship held at Ahmadabad from 5-15 Oct 2014.  
  • 3 The IIS University cadets got selected for the Pre R.D. Camp for Drill, YEP, BC, Guard of Honour, Flag Area & NIAP at Jaipur from 27 Oct-5 Nov,2014.

    Cadets were:

    1.       Cdt Nisha Chaturvedi

    2.       Cdt Richa Joshi

    3.       Cdt Shreya Sodha 

  • 19 The IIS University cadets attended Combined Annual Training Camp [CATC] held at Jamdoli, Jaipur from 11 to 20 Oct, 2014.

    Achievements were:

    1.       Cdt Swaranjali Saxena silver medal in Cross Country Relay Race.

    2.       First prize in Basketball & Volleyball.

    First prize in all over cultural performances.

November & December 2014

  • 3 The IIS University cadet attended Integrated Group Selection Camp (IGS) held at NCC unit, Jaipur from 27 Oct -5 November 2014.

    Cadets were:

    1.       Cdt Nisha Chaturvedi

    2.       Cdt Richa Joshi

    3.         Cdt Shreya Sodha 
  • 3 cadets of The IIS University were selected for Pre-RD Camp held at NCC unit, Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur from 20-29 Nov, 2014.

    Cadets were:

    1.       Cdt Nisha Chaturvedi

    2.       Cdt Richa Joshi

    3.       Cdt Shreya Sodha 

  • The IIS University Cdt Barkha Kanwar attended NCC Camp at Kerela from 20 Dec -31 Dec 2015.

January 2015

  • 4 Cadets of The IIS University selected & attended National Cadet Camp held at Karnataka from 15-19 Jan 2015.

    Cadet were:

    1.       Shreya Sodha

    2.       Deepika Rajawat

    3.       Shalu Kanwar

    4.         Anjana Repswal 
  • Cdt Richa Joshi attended the Republic Day Camp held at Delhi representing Rajasthan Dte. 


26 NCC Cadets attending CATC camp 2013 at Jamdoli, Jaipur from 24 October - 2 November.

Blood Donation Camp

ICG NCC Cadets attended Blood Donation Camp held at 1 Raj Air Sq. on 16 August 2013.

Republic Day Camp-2012
Cdt. Sgt. Tripti Rathore of B.A. Sem II & U.O. Swati Rathore of B.Sc. Sem II attended the Republic Day Parade, 2012 at New Delhi. Tripti Rathore was selected for Guard of Honour & for "Salami" in the Prime Minister's rally on 27th January 2012. Swati Rathore was selected as the “Best Briefer” in the flag area and the “Best Marker” in the Prime minister rally in All India Republic Day camp. Rajasthan scored 6th position in the flag area at Republic Day Camp.



Individual achievements 2012-2013


  • Prevayun Sanik Camp-2012

Chirantana Kumari, Chanda Barla, Abilasha Sharma, Shruti are NCC Cadets who attended Prevayun Sanik Camp held at Kota from 24 August to 2 September 2012.


  • Vayu Sanik Camp

Chirantana Kumari and Chanda Barla selected and represented 1 Raj  Air Sq. Jaipur in the Vayu Sanik Camp held at Bangalore from 26 September to 22 October 2012.

  • Pre R.D. Camp Phase I

Nidhi Rathore and Sakshi Nahta attended Pre R.D. Camp Phase I (Individual Group Selection Camp) held at Churu from 26 September to 5 October 2012.

  • Individual Group Selection Camp

Nidhi Rathore attended Individual Group Selection Camp held at Jaipur from 10 to 30 October 2012.

  • All India Girls Tracking Expenditia

Nikita, Senalpreet, Aisharya Ranawat, Kiran Bala attended All India Girls Tracking Expenditia 2012, held at Ajmer from 19 October to 26 October 2012.

  • NCC Cadet Swati Rathore was awarded as Rank of Warrant Officer by 1 Raj Air Sq. NCC.

Individual achievements 2013-2014

S. noNameCampTime periodAchievement
1CWO Abhilasha Sharma, & Madhvi KuntalNIC (National Integrated Camp) at Amritsar18- 29June 2013Cdt. Madhvi Cuntal achieved Best behaviour award  & Cdt. Warrant Officer Abhilasha Sharma  got Gold Medal for Best Senior Rajasthan Directorate &  both are got First Prize in Tug Of War, 2nd Prize in NIAP & Group Dance
2Sakshi Nata, Nidhi Rathore, Pushpendra Gurjar, Sonalpreet Kaur, Chirantana KumariIndependence day Parade, Jaipur15 August 2013 
3Yukti Gurtu, Pushpendra Gurjar & Barkha ChauhanPre Vayu Sainik Camp(PVSC) Barkha Chauhan got Gold Medal in Skit Shooting., Yukti gurtu got 2nd prize in Health & Hygiene & Pushpendra Gurjar got 2nd position in Static Model.
4Sonalpreet Kaur,Swaranjali Saxena,Anjali Sherawat,Nisha Chaturvedi,Navdha Pareek & Jyoti Rathore

Pre I.G.C.


25September - 4October 2013Swaranjali Saxena & Anjali Sahrawat were selected for I.G.C. (R.D.C.-II),.
5CUO Mansa ShekhawatYouth Exchange Programme to Sri Lanka17 October 2013 - 30 October 2013 

Individual achievements 2010-2012

S. noNameCampTime period
1Komal RathoreVayu Saink Camp, Bangalore19 Oct - 30 October 2010
2Namrata ShekhawatAir Force Attachment Camp, Hyderabad22 October - 4 November 2010
3Vijaylakhshmi NathawatRepublic Day Camp, Delhi30 December 2010 - 30 January 2011
4Karnika SinghWest Zone Shooting Championship, Gujarat15 July - 26 July 2010
  • 2 cadets from our college attended the PRE-VSC camp held at Kota
  • 4 cadets from our college attended the PRE-RDC camp held at Churu
  • 6 cadets from our college attended the Advance Leadership Camp held at Bihar

Different activities held in our college related to NCC:

  • Salute is given by the NCC Cadets to the Chief Guests on different functions like 26 January, 15 August, annual functions, etc.
  • Cadets are also selected to escort the chief guests to their respective places.