Guest Lecture by Ms Renu Vashistha

On November 9, 2020 a virtual guest lecture was organized by the Department of NCC and Sports for the Students of IIS (Deemed to be University) from 9:30-10:30 am, conducted via Microsoft Teams.Ms.Renu Vashistha (Guest of the day) started the seminar with the total strength of 65 students by elucidating her views on the topic- “How to be Joyous in Life”. She explained how positiveness gives us strength to work, if we are working for truth then there will be no fear in our heart and mind.

In life always follow the path of discipline, be aware about your thought process, control it and enjoy the life. Further she said that a person should accept his/her body as it is created by god, feel it beautiful and embrace yourself. The session ended with a beautiful quote that- Problems comes in life with solutions, so work hard, analyse them and divert yourself to the joy cycle.The whole seminar was very interactive, refreshing and energetic, the way Ms.Renu Vashistha explained everything will going to be very useful for each and every student.